A Way of Life

Nadja Severa is a fully qualified and insured Yoga Teacher offering private tuition at your home or workplace!

Nadja teaches traditional Hatha Yoga which concentrates on Asanas (postures) with co-ordinated breathing and relaxation. The asanas stretch and tone every part of the body. The nerves and glands, organs and chakras are stimulated leaving us feeling energised and calm.

The Gentle way of keeping fit

Anyone can practise Yoga regardless of age, sex, religion, mental and physical condition. The word Yoga means union or joining. Yoga is a system of tecniques for physical, mental and spiritual development.

Yoga is a gentle way of dealing with injuries and can help in having a healthy pregnancy and labour. The ultimate aim of Yoga is balance or to centre oneself bringing the various polarities within us together. This can be achieved by working with the five principles of Yoga -relaxation, excercise, breathing, diet and positive thinking - eventually becoming a 'way of life'.

Senior couple is doing fitness training at home. Doing yoga together. Healthy lifestyle concept.

The practice of yoga can:

improve posture

build stamina

improve body tone

improve suppleness, mobility and flexibility

improve energy, health and well being

reduce stress

young mother does physical yoga exercises together with her baby boy

Nadja offers a personal, friendly service, aimed at those that have limited time and those that don't like going to crowded classes or gyms. This service is also directed at people in the workplace where Yoga can benefit tired and stressed employees.

The emphasis is on the individual or small groups as the amount you can learn in a large class is very limited with only a few moments for proper adjustments to the asansas.

Many classes today resemble an aerobic class and it seems that Yoga has gone into mass production. Many people complain that the teachers are doing too much Yoga themselves during the class and not watching and adjusting the students. This could lead to injuries, slower progress and the potential to develop bad habits.

Traditionally Yoga is taught on a one to one basis. You will find that you make far better progress due to the personal attention you receive. Classes are tailor made to meet your requirements.

Your class is held at a time which suits you!

Classes last from one hour to one hour and a half

£35.00 for one hour

Contact Nadja for rates for small groups

Member of the BYTA (British Yoga Teacher's Association)

Practicing yoga outdoors.

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