What is Naturopathic Nutrition?

Naturopathic Nutrition is more than just healthy eating. It is a natural, holistic approach aimed at identifying the underlying cause of an illness or imbalance and to treat this rather than suppressing or merely alleviating the symptoms.

This naturopathic approach sees each person as an individual and takes into account their physical, emotional, biochemical and social circumstances.

How does it work?

The body has the power to heal itself. Feeling well is dependent on how effectively we assimilate and absorb our food and how well our bodies detoxify. Toxins accumulate every day from our food, drink, environment, drugs and from our normal metabolic processes.

When disease or disharmony manifests, it does so at the most fundamental level, the Cellular Level. By using simple techniques and looking at the importance of diet, overall nutrition levels and lifestyle, the body will be supported to cleanse at cellular level.

In turn the more complex organs and body systems are helped to start healing. Naturopathic Nutrition aims to return integrity to the body so that it can redress its own imbalances.

Why does it work?

Many people are aware of the importance of a healthy diet. They struggle on with self help by buying books and vitamin supplements without a real understanding of how their body works and what it really needs.

Naturopathic Nutrition works because it enables people, through self empowerment, to take control of their own healing process. This is in accord with ancient cultures where physicians were teachers.

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Gesund ernähren - Healthy lifestyle
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The Naturopathic Approach

Preparing the body

The naturopathic approach places great emphasis on the need to cleanse and detoxify the body before it can renourish. Thus the focus of this therapy is to identify and eliminate toxins and stress rather than simply prescribing supplements in the initial stages which could add to the toxic load.

Renourishing the body

Minerals are the key to the effective activity of vitamins in the body. Many people believe we get all we need by eating a 'balanced diet'. However, modern life is busy and stressful and the foods available to us are becoming more and more processed.

'Dead' food cannot provide the body with what it needs. This means that our food is not as dependable a source of minerals as previously thought.

As a result we become more toxic and simultaneously depleted of the vitamins and minerals essential to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Naturopathic Nutrition will identify these deficiencies and deal with them by improving the diet and by using natural products, vitamins and minerals depending on the individual need. It is easier for a healthy body to to repair and heal itself.

For anyone wishing to take responsibility for his or her health and well being, Naturopathic Nutrition is an excellent way to start. Making relatively minor changes in our diets may be the beginning of many other positive life changes. We are what we eat, drink and think!

Naturopathic Nutrition uses safe, gentle and holistic techniques and has been used very successfully to help cure many of today's illnesses and diseases.

What can it help with?

Low Energy, Chronic Fatigue, M.E.

Weight Problems

Women's Conditions (menstrual problems, infertility, pre-conceptual care, pregnancy, endometriosis, cysts)

Men's Conditions (prostate, cardiac, low sperm count, impotence)

Childhood Problems (hyperactivity, vaccination advice)

High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol

Digestive Problems (I.B.S., colitis)

Eating Disorders

Addictions and Cravings


Skin Conditions (eczema, psoriasis, warts)


Arthritis, Joint Problems


Sleep Problems

Poor Memory and Concentration

General Diet and Lifestyle Improvements

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Gesund ernähren - Healthy lifestyle

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